Fair Trekking with Ramchandra

The idea and it’s history


This webpage for Ram is a gift for a really wonderful and informative time in the mountains of Nepal. We were a group of 4 Germans (you can see us on a picture below the text) who spent nearly 3 weeks with Ram and got to know him very well. With this webpage we hope to help Ram to disengage himself from agencies and hotels, which take an immense part of his money. This direct contact should not only help you to have a nice and reasonably priced trip but also help Ram. In the end it means fair trekking for both sides:


Benefits of a direct and fair contact

  • The money goes directly to the guide and not to agencies or hotels
  • Compared to often very expensive holiday packages, Ram can offer a very fair price for both sides
  • The prices have been and are determined by Ram
  • Also the low cost of the webpage are covered by his friends. That means: Everything you pay goes directly to Ram.
  • Ram is clearly more independent in the range of his offers and in the design of his profession.
  • Compared to holiday packages or group tours, you are much more flexible in the design of your tour.


Why seek a fair contact?

The Nepalese mountain guides and porters have to make a tough job in the truest sense and still receive barely enough to feed their families. Very often it is not enough for rudimentary adequate footwear and one often sees Porter in flip-flops or even barefoot  (with unimaginable weight on his back). Even just a small luxury is unthinkable with current wages. Thus, while Nepalese porters carry Coca-Cola, beer and other things up the mountain, they can not afford theses things for themselves (Ram is despite external supports by far no exception). Any reduction in wages is therefore correctly painful and as long as the situation does not improve significantly, you are the one who can ensure that the money ends up with those who actually do the insanely stressful and very time-consuming work.


Previous achievements and further assistance

So far, quite a few contacts were mediated and Ram has certainly gone significant steps towards independence. He could not yet break away from agencies completely. The competition in the market is just insanely large and on the internet there are many professional web presences, which make it generally difficult to stay afloat in the variety of offerings. The greatest support would of course be to book a trek. In addition, Ram could benefit from a higher level of awareness of this page. A wider dissemination through links or social media is therefore always welcome!



A personal message from the webmaster of this page:

Ram is intelligent, always friendly, enquiring, really well informed about the Nepalese culture and considers all needs of the average European. All this makes Ram an extraordinary guide. I myself will remember him because he is a really great guy. If he asks how you feel he is 100% sincere. He also shows real sympathy if you have a bad day. All this is more than you would expect from a business relationship.

At the Annapurna Circuit: the sun is just rising.

Dear Ram we had an incredible time with you and wish for more people like you!

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