Costs and booking

It doesn’t matter how long your trekking tour should take, how long or challenging the single stages should be, if you want to travel on your own or if you are a group. There are many ways to arrange a trekking tour and I’ll be available for any kind of planning! In any case I will guide you safely over the mountains and to the best tea- and guest-houses. And if desired, I can tell you a lot about Nepal, its culture, the nature, and the people!



I am a licenced guide and my services are available for most of the offered trekking tours on a daily basis for 20 Euros per day (is equivalent to 25 USD) plus the costs for my transportation. Since the food is slightly more expensive on the Manaslu Trek, the daily rate on this tour is at 30 USD. Additionally one or more porters can be hired. Each will be 15 Euros (is equivalent to 20 USD) extra and each will carry up to 20 kilograms.

Costs for permits, overnight stays and meals aren’t included and depend on the altitude of the guesthouse (the higher the more expensive) and personal requirements. Because everything is brought up by hand, the following rule applies for food and accommodation:  the higher one goes, the higher the prices. That’s a reason, why daily costs may range from 10 to 25 Euros (13-33 USD). The costs for overnight stays in guesthouses, meals and personal requirements depend on your personal consumption, the price development in Nepal and in the mountains, the current exchange rate, etc. The prizes alternate depending on the group size and trek length, but calculating 15 Euros per day will be a good estimate (lots of tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner).


For most of the treks in Nepal several Permits are necessary (to go to the Manaslu-Trek we need MCAP, Special permit and ACAP plus TIMS cards). I know them all very well and for getting the Permits I need to help, because an individual buying is often (depending on the trek) not possible.


Contact Informations

For booking a trekking tour, please use the following contact-informations:

email:   mobil: (00977)-9846048730

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That’s me: Ramchandra Adhikari

You can either ask for concrete trekking tours or just tell me your ideas or wishes and I can help you find the right area. In contrast to package tours you are not bound to inherent dates if you book my guiding. The only requirement is that I don’t have another tour at this time. An early ticketing might be beneficial. But also a request just before your vacation or even when you’re already in Nepal may pay off. I am very flexible and can agree to tours if I don’t have any other duties.

If I am not responding immediately, I may be on a trekking-tour at this moment. There will be an answer in any case and I will do my best to give a quick respond!

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